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June 22, 2018


In Biarritz, the event on the ocean coast.

When the silence of Biarritz is broken by the roar of thousands of engines, there’s no missing it: Wheels and Waves has begun.

For seven years now, customisers, proud owners of period bikes and bikers from all over the world have been gathering in the city of the European surf culture , eager to show off their attention-grabbing bodywork, challenge each other in competitions and, above all, experience the shared enthusiasm of a large family that can’t wait to get together and have fun.


All year round, surfing is the main attraction for locals and visitors to Biarritz, a town that boasts perfect waves and ideal spots for any style. And when Wheels and Waves comes around, the good vibes of the waves merge with the world of motorcycles to create a spectacular mix of competitions in water and on the road, with bikers watching the waves and surfers cheering on the engines.

Thousands of bikers from all across Europe converge on the Atlantic coast to admire each other as they show off their meticulously prepared motorcycles and wind their way along roads with view of land and sea that few biking events can boast.

Whether near the reefs or in town, the sound of engines fills the four days, and nights, of Wheels and Waves signalling burn-outs along the ocean road, appetisers on the beach, and ride outs with friends.


To underscore the friendship between surfing and biking, Moto Guzzi brought six time Italian surfing champion Roberto D’Amico to Biarritz. Between one session and the next, the famed surfer visited all the events on the calendar with enthusiasm, a testament to a shared interest in engines.


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