April 09, 2018


From Kaffeemaschine in Hamburg, Alex Budde tales that...

The KM 17 was built for Marcel Hunter (Colorado, USA), a very relaxed and sympathetic guy.

He was looking for a similar bike than KM7 and left the design pretty much up to me and we decided for a vintage Jaguar blue, going well with the brown leather.

Marcel definitely wanted a powerful engine, so I chose a V11 unit, giving 1100ccm. All the tricks were played- balanced crank, special cam and valves, ported heads, lightened flywheel and clutch, electronic ignition, 40mm Dellortos, Ducati generator, oil cooler with an improved oil pump. The transmission/rear drive got a total rebuild. The donor bike was a Le Mans3. I cleaned and modified the frame, which got a structure black coat.

The wire loom is custom made, with the use of the Motogadget Chronoclassic. Bodywork and all alloy parts are Kaffeemaschine. Wheels are Morad with Bridgestone Battlax tyres. The exhaust is a handmade KM part, matt black coated.

The clip ons are vintage Magura, modified to carry the indicators and the handmade leather grips. The fork got new dampers and tubes, the brake system got totally new components incl. stainless lines, except the 2 front calipers, which are stock LM3. The client asked for my logo on the generator cover, so I designed a KM cast cover and a friend transformed it into 3D data and milled the mould for the cast part.

The whole bike incl. oils weighs only 182kg, which makes an impressive power to weight ratio with the 95hp for a classic bike!

Unfortunately, this time I couldn´t really Lambda set the carburation perfectly, as Mr. Hunter is living on 2000m elevation in Colorado!


Rotenhäuser Str. 75a/ D-21107
Hamburg, Germany

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